Started his visual journey in his early ages with simple caricatures and drawings. In 2007 graffiti had shaped his perspective and he found his pseudonym name ‘Fresk’ and continued to work under his nickname. Until 2010 he finished several sketchbooks and painted many walls. His drawing passion directed him to study Visual Communication Design for his BA degree. Studying Visual Communication gave him a wider perspective and during his study, he met new aesthetics and tried many techniques. In 2013 he decided to focus on illustration and typography particularly. Until 2014 summer he tried to improve himself in his own ways. For summer season in the same year, he applied to Indyvisuals Design Collective / Greece as an intern and did one and half month internship with the Indyvisuals and joined the team as a Graffiti artist and Illustrator. His experiences introduced him many techniques especially screen-printing. He has been working to master illustration and printing techniques ever since. He tried to print his illustrations with printing techniques. He was getting more specific about his job and use certain principles to develop himself as an illustrator. Last spring semester he was working as a faculty assistant in IUE and doing assistance for Typography class for 2nd-grade students. Now he is doing his M.A degree at University of Fine Arts in Poznań. Besides that, he is still working as a freelance illustrator, graffiti artist and designer.